Every time our son comes home from college I ask him if he remains content with the decision he made in the spring of his Senior year. Without hesitation he affirms and reassures me, and that is all I need to know.

Reflecting back on his high school years, however, it was not so simple and I remain forever grateful to those caring and experienced professionals who supported and guided him through his growth. Kristie Beck was principal among them. Teenage boys generally don’t want their parents overly involved in their business and subsequently, when the reality of life beyond high school came into play in the overwhelming form of the college application process, it was a great relief to have Kristie available as a confidant and consultant. She knows teens and she gets things done. With a tireless energy and insightful optimism, she is an expert at motivating young people toward their goals, or helping them to define goals if uncertain. Kristie is also extremely knowledgeable and resourceful regarding all aspects of the college admission process and timelines.

When our son became serious about pursuing a service academy appointment, we encouraged him to seek Kristie’s advice and she was immediately engaged alongside him in this endeavor. He had great trust in her guidance and at one point she directly intervened with the institution when there was a problem regarding the electronic application. By the early spring of Senior year he had choices, receiving acceptance, with scholarships, to all six schools he applied, including appointments to two service academies. Kristie’s competent leadership, steadfast commitment and reassuring calm contributed significantly to his success. Confident and at ease with the future, our family was able to enjoy precious time together as the high school years came to a close with excitement for new beginnings. For this we are eternally thankful.

Parent of Columbia MO High School Graduate/ U. S. Naval Academy Midshipman


A grateful parent