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Light Fare – 9th and 10th graders

  • Review of academic record at end/beginning of each quarter;
  • Advice on upcoming year’s course selection;
  • Discussions of extracurricular and summer activities (jobs, internships, travel, etc.);
  • Testing recommendations and hints on preparation;
  • Guidance in creating opportunities and making the most of them;
  • Emphasis on time management, building good study habits, leadership, and service;
  • Creating a personal timeline for the college process;
  • Approximately 4 hours of one-on-one time during the school year, plus regular updates of information and advising throughout the year;
  • Time can be added, as needed.


Meat and Potatoes – 11th and 12th graders

  • All of the above services, plus –
  • Ongoing development and assessment of college possibilities
    • Organizing the college search and application process;
    • Reviewing the student’s college list for best academic, social, and financial fit;
    • Creating a list of recommended colleges unique to each student.
  • Application support
    • Introducing students to the Common Application, providing tips for crafting the best application possible, and reviewing the Common App prior to submission;
    • Ensuring that students are on track and on time, reminders of all due dates, and completion of tasks in advance of required due dates;
    • Formulating strategies for applying to colleges under Early Decision, Early Decision II, Restrictive Early Action, Early Action, Regular Decision and Rolling Admissions.
  • Essays
    • Guidance through the writing process while creating impactful and memorable essays, reflecting each student’s experiences and unique voice;
    • Brainstorming ideas for stand out essays;
    • Critiquing preliminary drafts and editing of final draft for spelling, grammar, and “flow”.
  • Includes access to an online portal where all application/admissions information is consolidated: the college list, drafts of essays, a personalized, live calendar with individual student’s deadlines (which can be synced to outlook, google and other calendars for constant and easy access), and much more.
  • Includes continuous and ongoing expert support throughout the entire process.

Side Dish (Essays) Only – (12th grade)

With our guidance, you can write truly stand-out essays, and do so in an organized, low-stress, and timely manner, including the following:

  • Continuous and unlimited support of students throughout each step of the essay writing process, from the Common App, to supplemental essays, to scholarship essays, and more;
  • Assistance with review and selection of essay prompts
  • Guided brainstorming sessions through the process of creating an impactful and memorable essay;
  • Critiquing unlimited preliminary drafts and editing final drafts for spelling, grammar and “flow”;

A la Carte Menu

A pre-paid four-hour block of time can be used for any college consulting service you choose. (Time to be used in blocks of 30 or 60 minutes, at your discretion. Can be renewed, as needed.)

    • Options include:
      • Mock interview practice;
      • Essay brainstorming;
      • Essay editing;
      • Gap year options;
      • College visit strategies;
      • Review of academic record and prior accomplishments;
      • Resume development;
      • Advice on high school course selection;
      • Recommendations for extracurricular involvement;
      • Recommendations for test preparation and timing;
      • Advice on successful college visits/interviews;
      • Action plan with organizational timeline;
      • Development of a list of recommended colleges;
      • In-depth discussions on college preferences (student and parents);
      • Also – Service Academy Support.*

*Service Academy Application Support

(Can be a part of an a la carte purchase, or purchased separately)

Applying to a service academy is a unique and challenging journey.  Deadlines are frequent and critical. Assistance is provided at each step of the way:

  • Applying for congressional nominations;
  • Preparing for congressional interviews;
  • Preparing for officer interviews;
  • Completing the academy application;
  • Writing the essay;
  • Advising regarding DodMerb/DodMets and waivers;
  • Discussing of prep school options, if needed.